It’s getting harder for YHC to Bring something different to each Rush Hour Q. See, YHC wants the men that have only shown at Rush Hour to have as complete an F3 experience as possible. And double 11s haven’t yet been introduced. However it was time to get some miles in. Catch Me If You Can sermed an obvious next Q, despite Calli doing the same at FOD.

It was good to see Asystole back from two week hiatus. YHC have Old Maid a good ribbing about his need to step up and lead. No one wanted to step up to lead extra credit, so we are off. Prepared in advance.

EXTRA CREDIT: Asystole, Old Maid, YHC Banjo
Mosey around Muni Bldg for various w/u activities and return to reflecting pool.
Bear Crawl to stairs, 12 merkins, forward crab walk to start, 11 merkins, … repeat to 1
And completely gone and time is nearly up, lets Mosey around to Academy for Ab work
Return to flags, pick up the pax.

MAIN EVENT: Pickup Cracker Jack and Yogi
Warmup job to reflecting pool for SSH, Good PMs, Stretches.

3.8 miles of Catch me if you can around the municipal building and police station. [P1 takes off running, P2 – 10 each exercise, tag P1. Repeat]
Lap 1: Merkins,
Lap 2: Star Jumps,
Lap 3: Monkey Humpers,
Lap 4; Squat Jumps,
Midway stop for lots of oblique crunches.
Lap 5: Jump Lunges,
Lap 6: Wide Grip Merkins,
Lap 7: and ?

Mary: Dealers Choice Speed Round: Box Cutters, WWII, Supermans [wait for it], Dying cockroaches.

Christmas Party this Thursday

Prayer Concerns:
Traveling for Christmas: Asystole to CO, Cracker Jack to IN [see Calli on posting options], Yogi to SC, Old Maid to the Mtns, and YHC to KY.

Yogi took us out.