SNS does not seem to be letting up any ground gained in terms of numbers. 30 studs came out this am to do some work with their brothers. No FNG’s this am, but a whole lot of dudes ready to work did show. Spirits always seem high at Bond midweek and today was no different.

Mosey over to lot beside rock pile for standard warm up procedure. Grab yourself a traveling rock. Head down hill to kiosk. Partner up. P1’s for Bernie Saundars (thanks Duff). With rock in hand, backward lungewalk up the hill (tough) up to former location of a light pole (Yep). jog back down. P2’s doing Hammers with Rock until partner returns and flapjack. Mosey over to boathouse lot. Catch me if you can with rocks. P1 takes off lungewalking with rocks over head. P2 does 10 rock merkens with each arm and then runs to catch P1. Flapjack. Each man completes 4 cycles.

Circle up by boathouse. 5 count planks around the horn. Mosey back to kiosk. Rocks down. P1 crawl bear up the hill to about halfway and bearcrawl back to start (tough). P2 dying cockroach. Flapjack. Jog to top of hill and to parking lot. More catch me if you can. Put rocks down and move 4 spaces to your left. Grab your new rock. P1’s take off lungewalk with rock over head. P2’s 10x curls and 10x overhead press. Flapjack. Each man 4x through. Drop rocks off and head to the senior center lawn. Crawlbear across and 10 burpess oyo.

COT and Prayers by Wonk.

Great job this am men. Great effort.