15 including an FNG assembled with weather becoming tolerable. Quick disclaimer and time to work

Warm up
50 single count merkins
SSH x 15
Sir Fazio/Overhead Claps x 15
Mountain Climbers x 15
Low Plank Hold

The Thang
Mozy to soccer field
Partner up
Half pax clockwise/half counter, full perimeter of field
Partner carry/length of field
Partner wheel barrows/width
Switch up as needed

Run the perimeter with partner w exercise in each corner
Partner clap merkins (30 and 20) and squat jumps (20 and 20)

Switch to Partner A run/Partner B does exercise
Flapjack until target is reached
150 LBCs
150 CDCs
150 Monkey Humpers
150 dying cockroaches
BTTW until all PAX done

Repeat the partner carry/wheel barrow work around the field

Center of the field for Jack Webb 1 to 1 ratio for a change
Finish with 20 Navy Seal Sit ups

Christmas Party sometime in the future
KK challenge ditto
Bull ditto
BRR 2017 (the new Bull) ditto

Prayer Concerns
Callahan’s friend with premature baby still having difficulties. Some improvement, but very tough on the family
Loom’s daughter and her struggles

Welcome FNG Nature Boy. Franklin continues to be a recruiting machine

As the clock wound towards 545, lots of grumbling from the PAX about aching calves and quads from those who climbed stairs on Sunday. BRR participants had more reason to whine but their focus was on how they missed hanging out with Hot Spot and his sunburn.
We were sitting on 14 PAX and all was good when Callahan rolls in with a minute to spare. YHC committed to partner work so we will deal with it.

Everyone seemed to appreciate opening with 50 merkins.

When it came time to partner up, Airbag had his sights set on YHC, but Biner stepped up to the challenge. Since we had an odd number, I joined Callahan and Mr Roboto to supervise and hopefully avoid losing another PAX to a serious injury. The fact that I would have to do less partner carries and wheel barrows never entered my mind.

At some point, we were doing BTTW waiting for all PAX to complete the lap. YHC is about to drop and keeps asking about last PAX when Beaker announces he is in (even though he was 20 yards away). Nature Boy decided he was not interested in BTTW so he had no intention of arriving until we were done.

It was great to get up close and personal with my sweaty CARPEx DIEM brothers for Navy Seal sit ups.

As always, an honor to lead.