6 PAX showed up for a modified ‘Murph’ workout with a little ‘Good Living’ (aka 30 lb. rucksack)
mixed in for good measure. The modifications to the original Murph were: substituting 100
burpees for the traditional 100 pull-ups, and instead of the 2 mile run, we did 8 laps around
soccer field with some special effect (i.e bear crawls, walking lunges, sprints, karaoke etc..).
Once the workout began the ruck was passed amongst the PAX and never touched the ground.
The warm up:
SSH x 20
Imperial Walker x 20
Arm Circles x 10
The Thang:
2 Laps around soccer field (special effects on end lines).
25 burpees
50 merkins
75 air squats
Repeat x 2
The last 2 laps around field we stopped in each corner for 5 burpees, 10 merkin, 15 air squat
progression while everyone shouldered the ruck once.
Total for the morning: 105 burpees, 210 merkins, 315 air squats.

No time for Mary! (Which was a good thing!)

COT (Chachi took us out)