Bond…James Bond. Burt…James Burt. I love me some Bond Park and I bet this is the first ever F3 workout with a cocktail shaker in the mix. 9 Pax hit Bond Park to find out what was Shakin’ this Wednesday morning.

Warm Up

Run from the Senior Center (insert War Daddy Joke here) down into the bowl and circle up.

20 SSH, 20 IW, 10 Burbees, 20 windmills, 20 GMs. Indian run across the dam and down the steps.

The Thang

Partner up and grab a rock for your team.

P1 runs to top of steps, 10 Merkins. P2 rock curls. Flapjack.
P1 rus to top of steps, 15 wide grip Merkins, P2 Rock presses, Flapjack.
P1 runs to top of steps, 20 CCDs, P2 Rock curls, Flapjack
P1 runs to top of steps, 15 burpees, P2 Rock presses, Flapjack

Partner chase across dam…P1 runs, P2 5 Merkins and chases P1 then P1 5 Merkins while P2 runs. 4 Flapjacks.

Run back to the middle of the top of the dam. Q breaks out shaker which has playing cards inside. 4 pax name an exercise and call it when there card is drawn. No chance I get this right…Saban/clubs: LBCs, Coney/spades: mountain climbers, Rip tide/hearts: wide grip Merkins, Ma Bell/diamonds: Plank Jacks. We did 46 reps for each suit with a bear crawl up the high wet grass of the dam mid way through.

Run to the bowl….circle up. 10 Burbees OYO, Jack webb with a 1x multipler, 10 jump tucks, 10 Burbees OYO. Plank a Rama around with a 10 count each.

Saban appropriately reminds YHC that we need to finish near the parking lot…on time. Q school nugget. We ran to the lot and circled up. 10 Burbees OYO. A couple of Mary excel isles or maybe one…just don’t recall.

Custom go Ruck 10/17 and f3 dads this Saturday at Fletcher/9am. I am probably taking Callahan.

Prayers for Sabens friends kids and YHC in-laws who are both in the hospital.

YHC took us out.

Thanks for allowing me to lead you great guys this am. Awesome way to start the day!