It was a warm spring morning and the PAX of The Crick came out happy to exercise with less than three layers.  Oflex was the Q for the first half.

SSH  X25
Good mornings x15
Merkens x15
Windmills x15
Arm circles x15 each way
Mountain climbers x15

We jogged over to the “hill of pain” to do some 11s:
1 burpee-run up and down to parking lot-10 squats, increasing one more burpee and one less squat each time.
At 4 burpees, switch to star jumps and squats

Mosey over to the planters:
Right left step ups x20
Erkins x15
Dips x15
Derkens x10
Dips x15
Erkins x15
Alternate bear crawls and crab walks in between planters.

Vanderbeek took control for the second half hour with:
Bear crawls to stairs across and down
Jogged to the parking lot for suicide drills – 3 sets of 6 cone suicides
Burpees at the end of each on last suicide

Planks between each set for 10 count that included Putin, Sarkozi, Chilcutt and Hindu planks with some downward dogs.

LBCs x20
Freddys x10
Merkens x20
American hammers x25

Announcements- Endorpine, Blue Ridge Relay, Players Retreat informational meeting for fall go ruck.

Prayers for family and friends.