10 Pax including QIC showed up to pullen park, 9 of them before me… for a beat down of epic proportions.

Warm up:
Lap around the lot
The Usual assortment of ssh/good mornings/fazio arm circles/imperial walkers

Ninja run: Pax space themselves out in a line. Pax at the back with the agility of a nimble panda weaves in and out of the prisoner squatting line of pax indian run style. (Que stereotypical japanese music and poorly dubbed audio/subtitles)

Pax then followed me down for an upper body smoke fest of inverted rows and inverted chin-ups on the railing ladder style 1-8. Not even clipboarding school could save me, or the other pax for that matter.

Next up was the wheel barrow race from hell. Pax held the feet of their partner as they climbed the stairs, run back down, flapjack at the bottom X 3. An audible was had by all.

Noah’s Ark:
Gorilla Hops followed by flamingo walks (lunges with a step up to balance in-between)
Slow mo French dip- 5 count dip followed by 4,3,2,1,2,3,4,5 x 2 sets
Gorilla hops and flamingo walks/ crab walking on the way back. Evidently Howard is eligible for a minority scholarship to the college of his choice since he is 1/3 crustacean. He’s a “super crab”.
Slow mo French dip as before x 2 sets

The Gauntlet:
Grab a rock- 2 bent over rows/2 curls for the girls/ 2 overhead tricep extensions/ down to the ground, pushup, overhead press. That is one rep. Rinse and repeat x 10.

Snow angels x 15
pickle pounders x 10
Lazy boy elbow to knee x 10 each knee
Reach unders x 8 each side
Prayer crunch x 20

COT/ announcement and prayer requests

It was a great feeling and honor to lead the pax again! #mybutthurts