13 PAX Strong crushed the hills at the NC Art Museum this past Saturday for a steady go of 60 minutes. I’d say YoYo and ChongLi were the Nick Cage’s of this rendition setting the pace, to push all PAX to broke. WELCOME 2 FNG’S: Sparky and Lt. Weinberg.


Jog to Train Depo: Circle Up.

SSH x 20, GoodMornings x 10, WindMills x 15, Merkins x 15, MountClimbers x 20. Take the blue loop to the right heading towards the big hill. Stop at first intersection for planks, low plank counts, merkin counts x 10. Continue to lower bridge. Low squat hold until all in.

Now it’s on! Low Squat Pyramid with low holds every 5 count. Take it up to 25. Sprint to the top of the big hill and Beltline bridge. Plank until all in. Next exercise; 8’s with pull ups on the fence. 7 x 1…Run back down hill. LBC’s until all in. Indian Run to the Art Sculpture of the laying body between Rings and TrainDepo. Low Squat hold until all in and count off in 3’s:

The Thang:

Group 1 runs down THE grass hill, at the bottom Burpies x 5, Merkins x 10, Squats x 15, sprint back to start point. Low Slow flutters until all groups in.

Group 2 sprint to TrainDepo. On the deck Starjumps x 15, sprint back to start point. Low Slow Flutters until all in.

Group 3 sprint down to the 2nd Art Ring for Freddy Mercuries x 50 single count, sprint back to start. Low Slow flutters until all in.

Once all groups back in doing low slow flutters, Cadence count x 10. Rotate stations with your group. 2 full cycles completed. Mixed in some WWII situps and LBC’s for the all in wait. Indian Run back to TrainDepo, circle up. Around the circle we go with PAX lead count off, Merkins x 5, next pax toe touches x 10..pattern repeat full way around. Finish with LBC pyramid up to 25 and back down.

Prayer request: YoYo lifting up a friend having multiple surgeries for some heavy issues. Prayer for his comfort and the DR’s guidance. I lifted up an old friend who is battling paralysis.

I restated the prayer of “Lord, continue to break us, so you can mold us, to fill us, then us use.”

Thanks to 90210 for closing us in prayer.