7 PAX posted in the fog and sog of Monday at Mutiny. The YHC had put out the disclaimer due to some bad food the night before there may be the need of a backup Q, or if the YHC goes of the path the PAX stay on the path.  Then the clock hit 5:45 AM off we go.

Warm up lap around track

SSH x 25

Hillbilly Walkers x 25

Fazio Arm Circles x 13 ea.

Windmill x 25

Mountain Climbers x 25


Jog over to the soccer field for a second warm up leg stretching;

End line to 50 yd line Lunges – 50 yd line to end line Frankenstiens


THE THANG:  Mutiny Baja 500

Partner up:  First round 200 Squats: Partner1 Bearcrawl up the hill and back down, Partner2 start Squats, Flapjack plank when completed.  It was cold wet muddy hill.

Second round 100 Merkins:  Partner1 run up hill backwards down frontwards, Partner2 start Merkins, Flapjack and plank when completed.

Third round 200 LBC’S: Partner1 run up and down hill, Partner2 start LBC’S, Flapjack and plank when completed.

End line to 50 yd line Frankenstiens  – 50yd line to end line Lunges


Plank-jacks x 20

Chill cut-o-rama 8 sec

Reverse LBC’S x 20

Homer to Marge x 20

Plank -o- rama 10 count


COT:  Second F3 this Thursday at 6pm  The Mill downtown Fuquay.  Again can’t thank my F3 bothers enough, it was an honor to lead this morning.  Remember, Today is the 1st day of the rest of your life. Forget yesterday, its already happened. Make everything count. #ironsharpensiron