Following an awesome official launch last week, and the emergence of a brand new twitter handle; 5 PAX posted with another “on the way,” to F3 Raleigh’s newest workout AO. Fluoride aided a stressed out driver with directions, and then we set off. YHC was in a hurry. Still having flashbacks of a box truck pulling into Chavis.

Jog up to the track and around x2.


  • SSH x20, Imperial Walkers x20, Mountain Climbers x20, Mericans x20, 10 Burpees OYO

Epoxy strolls up just in time to miss burpees. His schedule was promptly torn up, and this time, was asked to join the class. YHC will not allow members of the class to miss a lecture on the Platt amendment or the life and times of John Chavis.

Jog down to pic-a-nic shelter:

  • Irkins x15 ic, Dips x15 ic, Prisoner squats x15 ic, LR Step ups x15 ic, Derkins x15 ic, WW2 Sit-ups x15 oyo
  • Repeat with 10 reps each
  • What is that clicking?
  • Repeat with 15 reps each
  • Random alterations to rep counts, for the 3 students at the back of the class

Jog up to baseball field Partner Up:

  • Partner carry 11’s. Infield to outfield. Merkins and star jumps.
  • Plank when done


  • Putin, Sarkozy, regular, Chilcutt, Chilcutt peter parkers x20 ic, regular, Wide grip decliners x10
  • Finally some silence from the Mumble trio. No rep counts. Q fills PAX responsibility. Crisis averted.

Jog to tennis courts:

  • People’s chair 10ct each pax, run down run back x2, Bear crawl down and run back
  • People’s chair 10ct each pax, run down run back x2, Crab walk down and run back
  • Balls to the wall 10ct each pax, run down run back x2, Gorilla walk down and run back
  • 10 burpees oyo


  • LBC’s x30
  • Long Slow flutta x20
  • Hello Dolly x20


Prayer requests:

  • Costco’s grandmother in-law recovering from surgery (94 years young)
  • the PAX of the Healing Place.


  • Big Boss Beer social Thursday, April 30. 5pm run/ or beer. 6pm 2nd F gathering
  • GoRuck Triangle 10/17. Not too late to HC. Do it.

Fluoride took us out!


  • Walking Name-o-rama as YHC forgot. Too interested in Epoxy’s under-aged labor scam. #instructive
  • Questionable exercise form exhibited at the Pic-a-Nic shelter. Costco attempted to throw cadence with the incredible clicking knee. Hearing protection should have been provided (not in the disclaimer). He should have let the knee call cadence at F3 Dads. #morereliable
  • Follow the new twitter handle for Chavis @f3Ambassador
  • TClaps to Wendell Gee and White Shoe for their leadership in establishing this AO. Speaking of White Shoe?…
  • Honored to lead this AM. Duly sharpened by you Men.