SF planted. 2 PAX at the ready. Nice weather to be in the gloom. Off we went.

Explore new territory down the back drive of WCA. Circle back to start and see if any latecomers had arrived. Continue running for a total of 2 miles.

We found multiple rock beds for future use. Apparently they’ve been under the PAX noses this whole time.

Grab a rock of reasonable size.

  • Curls x15, Presses x15, LBC’s x15, Squats x15
  • Repeato with 10 reps each
  • repeato with 5 reps each

Jog to football stadium, and find some space on the bleachers

  • Irkins x15, Dips x15, Heels to Heaven x15, LR step-ups x15, Derkins x15
  • repeato with 10 reps each
  • repeato with 5 reps each

Run 1 mile


  • Long Slow Flutters x30
  • Freddie Mercury x20



  • Continued prayers for injured PAX. PMS is almost ready to post again.


  • Honored to share the Q with Fluoride today. #isi Need to EH new faces in Garner. Several out of town and on IR today.
  • Banjo Claus bringing the gift of no-burpess to GNP next week. Don’t worry, it will still suck.
  • Not too late to HC to the GoRuck in October. Perfect opportunity to develop community team work and leadership. You won’t forget this…..ever.