It was shorts and t-shirt weather for the first time in a while at TR as 8 PAX assembled for a pre-Bull workout. A faint glow in the East was a welcome break from the usual pitch blackness and a chance to put some faces to names. Too bad DST will rob us of that oh-so-brief pleasure. Floyd rolled up hot at 5:29:37 looking like he was still recovering from the big 4-0 bash last weekend to bring us to 9. Time to move out.

The Warm Up
My favorite warm up: A long jog past the field house to the ATT, down to Scott King Road, and back into the park, mixing in some 20xSSH, 20xDon Quixotes (Donkey Otays, Floyd?), and 15xWillie Mays Hays. As we turned onto Scott King Road, YHC was greeted by an early morning jogger. Feeling bolder than usual, I invited the kindly man to join us, only to discover it was PBR. What was I saying about the daylight…guess it doesn’t help that much. Thankfully, he agreed and then there were 10. Our last exercise brought us to the Town of Durham (TOD) rock pile for:

The Thang
Since today was UNC’s first ACC tournament game on their way to conference and national championships, all PAX grabbed a rock to be their constant companion throughout the workout (choose wisely, men). As I write this Carolina (Go Heels!) is up 88-70 with 34 seconds left in the half, we all took care of the rock today! Take your rock for:
-Indian Run around the TR woods to the field
-Run the soccer field perimeter with:
-Alternating left-right step-ups (ALRSU) with the rock at the team bench (16)
-Rock Squats in the far corner (20, OYO) with a squat old at the end
-Another round of ALRSU at the next bench
-Drop your rock (briefly, not on your toes) and line up on the sideline. Q calls out a plank position (High, Low, or Mid…I love Mid) and all PAX hold it while one PAX hauls his rock lickety splits to the other side and back. This is the point at which this workout earned its sub-title, with various comments such as, “this is going to take a lot longer than I thought with 10 guys” and “I’m so used to things working so perfectly with just 6 guys” or “Cardiac’s rock is huge!” (seriously though, his rock would have served adequately as a foundation for a small house, guy’s a beast) causing junior high-ish chuckling from several PAX (you know who you are). It devolved from there… Feel free to add your own TWSS statements in the comments section, I can’t remember them all.
-Indian Run back around the TR woods to the playground. Two PAX on 10x pull-ups, assigning a rock exercise to the rest of us to perform OYO. Repeat three cycles through
-merkins, squats, lunges, jump lunges, jump squats, WWIIs, ‘Merican hammers, overhead presses, and way too many rock burpees were called, and also some other exercises I cannot recall. I believe this is the point at which some realized they did NOT choose their rock wisely.

Thankfully it’s time for Mary, you can’t use rocks in Mary can you? Why yes, yes you can.
Rock LBCsx20
Mountain Climbersx20
6-in leg hold with Rock held straight up over chest
Rosalitax20 with rock held straight up over chest
Hello Dollyx20 with rock…you get the picture
Done. Toss that thing away.

Name-o-rama: 10, no respects, no hates, just a bunch of mehs

Announcements: The Bull

Site Q: Bones stepped up big and quick

Prayers: For Bones, a friend (the name escapes me, age 28) passed away from Leukemia after beating bone cancer. We laid hands on Bones and YHC took us out. It bears repeating; tragedy and loss are an unfortunate constant in life, I want a heart of gratitude for the small moments and wish I didn’t take them so much for granted. Cherish those around you, and find ways to love your brothers and sisters, especially those that are hurting. John 13:35 for those of you who are Believers. It’s always an honor, see you in the gloom!