YHC received notice of a prerun prior to his Q, YHC promptly gave notice that he would not be taking part.  Arriving a few minutes early, the weather had drawn a crowd, 25 would be the # for the morning.  Notified of an FNG in the crowd, YHC gave a very weak disclaimer and the call to follow, this is how it went.

The Thang: Jog up Washington to the upper lot for our first COP

Warm-ups: good morning’s x 15, windmills x 15, SSH x 20, standard merkins x 15, nipplers x 20

Count off, remember your #, jog down to the center of the amphitheater.

Odds run evens stay and work then switch, this lasted about 20 min starfishing out to different locations called by YHC each time.  To the best I recall the work was; box cutters, squats, Makhtar N’Diaye, Freddy Merc’s, Dan Jansen’s, Mericans, Burpees, and maybe one more.

Head from here to the base of the hill by the house of cats for a set of 11’s Mericans at the top and squats at the bottom.  Peoples chair on the fence till all complete.

Line up on the fence facing across the field.  Back in odd and even groups, one runs to thopposite fence and back while the other works.  The work I think was fence derkins, peoples chair, and one more YHC forgot.

Find our way out of the dirt to a grassy area for the final COP.  LBC pyramid by 5’s to 30 and back, Hammers x 15, DONE!

COT: Name-a-rama with one FNG “Gepetto” , Arena this Friday & every Friday

The Skin

There are still a few sites YHC has not Q’d after almost 3 years and this was one of them till now. Great group for an almost spring morning, 50 plus degrees but not too muggy.  It seems having an FNG in the group seems more seldom than in years past.  YHC will look for men who could be sharpened in the F3 circle, what a blessing it has been for me.  Great work by Gepetto, VV’s fng, a cabinet maker.  Looking forward to seeing you back in the gloom.  Always a pleasure to lead, thanks for following me.

CW out!