A warm start to spring was too much for many of the usual Pax this am..in fact, one might have thought it was approaching 10 degrees by the showing this morning. Couldn’t have been nicer. And we had the long awaited return of Brisket. That man is looking strong and fit and lean. No really. My man has been working since we have seen him last and has lost some serious lb’s. It was good to pull up and see that infectious smile and that can do attitude. With that, we had all the wind in our sails we needed and off we went.

Jog to bank circle and 15xgood mornings, 15x mtn, climbers, 12x merkins, 15xdips. Mosey up and around to the fine, fine pocket park. Burt’s park. Better grass than SNS and a working fountain taboot. The melodic, nay, therapeutic sounds of water trickling whilst working. Cant beat it. Surcharge might even like it.

Partner up. P1 bearcrawl down the lawn and run back. P2 dips, Flapjack. Same thing again with crawlbear and P2 irkens, flapjack. Next plank 20 count down the line. Then P1 run around courtyard and building. P2 dying roaches. Flapjack.

Start the previous paragraph again and complete. Only difference was WWII’s instead of roaches. Do a 3rd time the whole thing with broad jump burpees instead of bearcrawl. Hammers while the other group runs.

Indian run back to start. 20x Freddy mercs, 20x box cutters and 20x Burt specials (planjacks).

COT and prayers. Great to lead this strong group.

NM…good, but small group. Burt was dressed in VT basketball gear. We even worked on some passing drills prior to starting. Good fellowship. Brisket did great and was ready to work. Pretty morning with lots of birds chirping.