Over the weekend, YHC had the opportunity to go to see my high school play in the boys basketball sectional finals. The Imps (YHC’s F3 namesake) have had an outstanding season and won the game. It brought back many great memories, including the grueling practices, including the dreaded 22 sprints.


Run a lap around the track

SSH x25

Imperial Walkers x20

Good Mornings x16

Fazio arm circles x10 both directions


Z-Slides (slow & low)

Spiderman Merkins x20

Ten 22’s* with the following exercises in between:

*A 22 is a modified suicide that we ran at Cary High during my basketball playing days. It consists of running down the entire length of the court and back twice in 22 seconds)

Merkins x25

Squats x25

Freddy Mercury x25

Carolina Dry Docks x25

Lunges x25

Mountain Climbers x25

Wide-grip Merkins x25

Star Jumps x25

Windshield Wipers x25

Burpees x25

People’s Chair x47 (in honor of Stark)

Derkins x25

Box jumps x10

Dips x25


Chill Cut Plank March x20

Boat-Canoe x20

Homer to Marge x20

Box Cutters x20

COT – Prayers for every one in out F3 group and for cooler heads to prevail with the police situation in SE Raleigh.