13 PAX planted the VSF on a beautiful, clear morning. It was unseasonably warm with a bright moon illuminating what was supposed to be a gloomy dark morn. It was beautiful, but did play havoc on my glow bag theme.

SSH x 10
Windmills x 10
LBAC x 20
Willie Mays Hayes x 10

The THANG: Glowing Bag Gauntlet
As was done in the past, five illuminary bags were set up on the dark half of the soccer field. One bag at each corner and one in the middle. Each bag was illuminated with glow sticks of a different color (blue, red, yellow, green and orange). Instructions were written on each bag and there were four different sets of instructions.

The PAX were divided into two groups and took the gauntlet separately starting at different locations within the gauntlet. There were a couple moments of group convergence which led to some lively discussion between groups.

Blue Bag (Bench station)
1. 50 Dips, run to yellow
2. 30 Derkins, run to green
3. 40 Irkins, run to green
4. 50 Dips, run to green

Yellow Bag (Burpee Island):
1. 15 burpees, run to red
2. 15 burpees, run to red
3. 15 burpees, run to blue
4. 15 burpees, run to blue

Red Bag:
1. 40 Merkins, run to orange
2. 50 Tuck Jumps, run to orange
3. 40 Carolina Dry Docks, run to yellow
4. 40 Quad Hoppers, run to orange

Orange Bag (Mary Bag):
1. 50 Low slow flutters, run to Green
2. 50 Heels to Heavens, run to Red #3
3. 50 Russian Hammers, rung to Red #4
4. 50 WWII situps, run to yellow

Green Bag (Travel Bag):
1. Half-field sprints, out and back x 3, run to Blue #2
2. Bear Crawl to 18yd line and back, run to yellow
3. Lunge Walk half field and back, run to orange
4. Crawl Bear to 18 yd line and back , run to Blue #1

Mary: Skipped because it was integrated into the THANG above.

COT: Floyd’s attempt, disjointed and partly irreverent but done with good intentions.

Welcome FNG DOS, neighbor of Choo-choo, Cardiac and Floyd. Hopefully many more workouts to come.

There was an email detailing the efforts to help Greenville F3 in their Hurricaine Matthew clean up. All are encouraged to read the email and help if able.