According to the Hi-Fidelity training schedule, today was destined for Tempo work. Now that it’s been over 2 years of posting at HiFI, let’s reenact YHC’s first post at the good ole track. The only thing missing….AuPair. Where is AuPair? If YHC had a dollar for every time Enron has asked that question… Oh, the back blast. Back to it. We celebrated Tempo work with the mile repeats classic. Straight out of the car, and straight to work. Here the PAX go, and fast.

Warm Up:

  • Two laps at fellowship: spray some high knees, but kickers and karaoke (thankfully nobody sang)
  • Circle up: Good mornin’s x15, Imperial walkers x10, Windmillios x15

The Thang:

  • Mile repeats at T Pace. 1 minute slower than mile race pace. (like that happened) 2 1/2 minutes rest.
  • Mile 1 – straight up, Mile 2 – reverse on the track, Mile 3 – straight up -10 seconds off pace, Mile 4 – reverse, blind, not looking at the watch, Mile 5 – straight up, blind, not looking at the watch
  • 1 lap of cool down


  • Strong work by the PAX this am. Average pace for the whole crew was well below 7 minutes per mile. Its great seeing how all have improved over the past couple of years.
  • 5.96 miles on the decoder watch
  • The last two repeats were done not looking at the watches. Seemed like all kept within their T pace goals flying blind.
  • Pig Picking. 10/22. See the F3 Raleigh twatter to signup.
  • Neighbor to Neighbor 3rd F on 11/3 at Christ Our King in SouthEast Raleigh. See Fazio for the detes.
  • Cindy took us out.

Good work men. T-claps to all for pushing through this fun.

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