2 PAX showed up in the gloom….I know what you are thinking…we always say that. But today, it truly was gloomy with a layer of thick fog covering the ground. Today’s activity was a feasibility exercise to see if the next gold standard workout, aka “The Floyd” was ready for Saturday prime time.

Warm up
Admittedly, this was kind of weak today
20 SSH
Half-assed windmills

The Thang: The Floyd
Each PAX (in this case both PAX) picked a glow stick necklace from a bag. There were 5 colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange. The necklace was supposed to be the PAX’s home base color and was the basis for the whole damn idea. Because there were just two of us, it became a fashion statement instead.

Run to the turf field. There were five illuminary bags set up with the same colored glow sticks inside. Written on each bag was a set of instructions and 3 sets of exercises each bag.

To complete the Floyd, you had to do all 15 stations in under 25 minutes.

1. Blue: 40 Merkins, Run to Red
2. Red: 40 Carolina Dry Docks, Run to yellow
3. Yellow: 15 Burpees, Run to Green
4. Green: 20 Maktar N’Diaye, Run to Orange
5. Orange: 40 count plank, Run to Blue
6. Blue: 50 Low Slow Flutters (Cadence), Run to Green
7. Green: 50 LBCs (Cadence), Run to Orange
8. Orange: 40 Count 6″ Leg Raises, Run to Yellow
9. Yellow: 15 Burpees, Run to Red
10. Red: 50 Heels to Heaven, Run to Blue
11. Blue: 50 Air Squats, Run to Yellow
12. Yellow: 15 Burpees, Run to Red
13. Red: 30 Knees to Chest Jumps, Run to Orange
14. Orange: 40 Jump Lunges (20 each Leg), Run to Green
15. 50 Side Shuffle Hop (Cadence), Run back to Blue to finish

Additional Thang: Since we finished The Floyd in only 23 minutes, we had some extra time to kill so we did a Webb Jack

Mary: None


It was great to see Doogie out there as he promised…..oh never mind. He apparently had to “protect” his wife this morning.
Next week F3 Durham Resurgence Convergence. Come one, come all
Awesome job today Riggs. Glad to see you out on a Thursday
The first addition of “The Floyd” was a bit too easy. I may crank it up to 20 stations in 25 minutes next time.