Wonk and Banjo

The virtual flag was planted and 15 Pax members gathered for an unnamed work-out that is growing attendance weekly.

Let’s check the tape:

Warm-up run around the block to Fidelity Bank (Downpainment time).

– COP: SSH, Merkin, Good Morning, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climber, Ski Something, Peter Parker;

– Grab a spot on the pavers – Alternating L/R step-ups, Dips, Box Jumps, Incline Merkin x2;

– Indian Run to the Library (Cary’s highbrow);

– Four stations around the library with pain stations: Squats, Merkins, and LBCs

– Mosey to the field – Burpee Broad Jumps, Bear Crawl, One-Legged Jumps, Suicide, and all you got to the end of the field. Indian Run back to beginning.

– Mary – LBCs, Heals to Heaven, Rosalita, Boat/Canoe, Dying Cockroach.


Naked Moleskin:

– Well, Wonk may be on to something. If you learn anything about the first follower video it’s that one guy needs to step out (watch it if you haven’t). Well done. We rollin’.
– Five FNG’s today! Five! I’ve never seen such a thing! It was awesome! Goose, Surcharge, Angry Elf, Sputnik, and Lumbergh did great today! Come back next Thursday! We’ll be here!
– Baby time in Cary. Nabisco and Rip Tide are in the batters box waiting for new additions and Grease Monkey and I don’t have the ink dry on the birth certificates yet. F3 Dads Cary has a chance in two or three years! #sleepisunnecessaryforF3ers
– Banjo didn’t lose his merlot this work-out (at least that I could tell) so we’re making progress!
– Wonk tried to race Grease Monkey around the Cary Library. #notsofastbrother #D1 He’ll have a chance to redeem himself as GM has the Q next Thursday.

It’s always an honor to have the opportunity to lead the men of F3.