705 total exercises today- while 705 is the area code of Ontairio, Canada, it was just another day in the burbs with F3.  As Q, YHC had many mistakes and the PAX were on top of it and called me out- well done!

20 SSH
19 Imperial Walkers
18 Windmills
17 Good Mornings
16 Fazio Arm Circles

Here is a summary of what we did:
90 Squats
84 Merkins
78 Mountain Climbers
72 Jack Webbs
66 Single Leg Dead Lifts
60 Jumping Knee Tucks
45 Step Ups
32 Russian Hammers
21 Box Jumps
12 Flutter Kicks
05 Burpee Pullups

and here is how we did it:
Round 1:
15 Squats
14 Merkins
13 Mountain Climbers
12 Jack Webbs
11 Single Leg Dead Lifts
10 Jumping Knee Tucks

Run to picnic shelter for round 2:
Round 1 +
9 step ups

run to playground circle for round 3:
round 2 +
8 russian hammers

run to swing sets for round 4:
round 3 +
7 box jumps

run to slide area for round 5:
round 4 +
6 flutter kicks

run to playground circle for round 6:
round 5 +
5 burpee pullups

After the core workout, run to top of parking lot for cot/mary:
10x Freddy Mercury
10x LBCs
10x Rosalitas
10x Chilkut hold
10x Nipplers

welcome back Geek Squad- we look forward to more visits from you
Thursday downtown Cary is going strong
Relaunch of Chapel Hill/Durham tomorrow!