With Cornholio on IR, YHC volunteered for his second opportunity to Q at Ethanol. 9 faces emerged at the designated time and blindly followed this kid into the gloom.

The Thang…

Quick mosey across Lynn for a tour of the neighborhoods and 20 count standard merkins.

Back across Lynn to the school, plank to gather the six, 20 count standard merkins, 15 count Makhtar N’Diaye.

At the Hill,

Partner up
Start from the school
-The counts were 100 burpees, 150 hand release merkins, 200 LBC’s. These totals were to be done between partners in whatever order they chose.

Partner A ran to the top of the hill then returned.
Partner B does exercise until Partner A returns
Flapjack and continue until all exercises have been completed.

Mosey to soccer field

AYG sprint to opposite goal, 10 count Makhtar N’Diaye, AYG back, 10 count Makhtar N’Diaye,

To the shelter/picnic tables

Dip 15 count/ Derkins 5 count

Reconvene in the parking lot.

Merican Hammer 25 count
Boat Canoe
6 in leg hold around the circle


Lack of mumble chatter this am. Couldn’t even get a giggle out of Tecumseh.

-CSAUP Events upcoming
10/4 USMC Mudrun
10/25 THE MULE
11/2 City of Oaks 10k, Half, full marathon

-The arena is moving to 2:30 pm on Fridays, beginning 9/26. Contact Duff/Countrywide for details.

-2nd F tomorrow, 9/18 5-7pm, Boylan Bridge Brewpub… 3rd F Dinner 9/23 North Hills Club, RSVP by Friday Noon

Strong work by all this morning. Thanks to Cornholio for the opportunity to lead, hope to see you back in the gloom soon. Always an honor to lead you men.