imageThe A Team venue has a lot of great workout locations….but sometimes it just pays to keep it simple.  As the group gathered McCants runs in with our only FND of the day…his pooch…whose hospital name was Targa (sp) and was given an F3 name….well we did not really name him…but I think it should be 75 percent….like fiddy cent….as the pooch only had 3 legs…but could run like the wind.  Now we transition into the Burt standard….music.  Today it’s Hip Hop and 75 percent loves it.  No human FNG’s so we roll after the Q gives his ADD disclaimer.

The PAX grab a rock and head over to the BBall courts….which McCants loves….and we stayed there.  In addition to music this am….a timer will be used.  5 minute warmup, 28 reps of either 30 or 45 seconds and a 5 minute cool down/Mary.  No rest.

WARM UP:   Mountain Climbers, SSH, Merkins, High Knees, IW, Burbees, Mummies, Squat Boxers

28 sets OYO for either alternating 30 and 45 seconds each, including, but not limited to these, with some executed more than once:  Burbees, rock curls, rock presses, bench rock presses, SSH, Merkins, planks of all varieties, diamond Merkins, six inch leg holds, LBCS, high knees, sprints, karaoke, decline Merkins, incline Merkins, dips, left right step ups, star jumps, plank jacks

Cool Down:  six inch leg hold, bench rock press, Russian hammer with rock, bench rock press, low flow flutter, bench rock press, six inch leg hold, bench rock press.  Buzzer sounds.


prayers for Denalis new baby to sleep through the night and McCants baby in the oven.

Always a blast to lead you men.

Grease Monkey led us out with a wonderful prayer.