The Thang:

As we emerged into the Gloom onto the state of the art astro-turf field, we circled up with a quick warm-up round of merkins, squats, imperial walkers, sidestraddles, and mountain climbers.

We ran around the field changing it up at each corner- forward jog, backward run, bear crawl, and forward run. We went over to the jungle gym and did a set of dips, derkins, dips, derkins, step ups (while 1 guy rotates out to do pullups). Came back to the field for another lap: forward run, backward run, bear crawl, and sprint. We paired up- while 1 partner ran length of field, the other partner would do an exercise and then they switched- exercises were squats, switched to LBC’s, switched to plank. We did about 5 sets of that then went to Mary. Started Mary with low flutter, went to dolly, and then went around the circle giving everyone a choice. Dunphy wore us out with the Amercian version of the Russian Twist and Adolphus ended us with the plank (yoga style).

Chatter on the 9/11 climb and the F3 Chapel Hill big anniversary coming up. Took it out with the Ball of Man.

Thank you guys for putting up with my confusion on  “Ready Position, Move, In cadence, Exercise.” and letting a Charlotte guy lead! -DKnot

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