30 men showed up to experience the second oldest F3 workout in all of the Triangle.  A workout known for its consistency.  Known for sticking with the basics and bringing the pain.  Today was no different, except probably a little harder than normal, with a younger, more agile and determined Q than our normal hosts with the mosts.  So, at 6:15, with virtual conch sounded, and vsf planted, and 3 of our own back from their early morning bookbag jaunt, we were off at full throttle from the start.


Double fast mosey to bottom of hill

14 Burpees – then plank

Sprint to Top

COP Warm Up

  • Imperial Walker 20x
  • Merkin 20x
  • SSH 20x
  • Merkin 14x
  • Mountain Climber 20x
  • SFAC 10x fwd + 10x bkwd
  • Good Mornings 20x
  • Diamond Merkins 14x

Jog through stone circle to picnic shelter

Route 66 – Jump Ups/Derkins

Jog to stone circle – 14 Burpees – then plank

Modified Dog Legs – Starting From Stone Circle:

  • Group 1 Lunge Walk to picnic shelter and back to 14 Dips x2 while Group 2 Plankoramas (flapjack)
  • Group 1 Bear Crawl to picnic shelter and back to 14 Inclines while Group 2 Plankoramas (flapjack)

Jog to field and lineup facing hill

Group 1 Run up hill, do 14 prisoner squats and run back while Group 2 does Burpees (flapjack)


  • Low slow flutter 14x
  • Reverse LBC 14x
  • Heels to Heaven 14x
  • 6” leg hold – 3 count around


Naked Moleskin

  • Continued prayers for Cotton, M Cotton, and their family
  • Continued prayers for Bunny Hose’s Uncle Randy
  • Continued prayers for Johnny Utah’s Grandfather
  • New workout launching next Wednesday – 8/14 – 0545 – URBAN JUNGLE – North Hills by JCP
  • New workout in Fuquay launching 8/28 0545 – see Howard for details
  • 2F2H tomorrow – 7:30 (pm) – Bull & Bear
  • F3 Raleigh UnderArmour shirts – 8/18 order deadline – http://f3.mudgear.com/F3-RALEIGH-Under-Armour-Short-Sleeve_p_117.html
  • Wendell Gee observed that some people may not have completed all of their reps on Route 66, White Shoe now required to proctor future Ball Bearings workouts with bull horn and whistle #accountability
  • Great to have Grease Monkey back from his summer home in the mountains