13 Pax gathered in the gloom around a pre-planted Shovel Flag – thanks #ballbearings for gifting said flag to our motley crew!  It is great to tie an attendance record, bring in an FNG, and get a shovel flag, all in the same morning.  YHC has been suffering from an evil chest cold for 11 days, with no F3 posts in that time, and my lagging at the back of the pack is evidence to the impact of 50% lung capacity.  In fact, I actually chose to to sit out the last 400 m repeat – #badday.  In all, we put in 4.3 miles over a 50 minute period with lots of heavy breathing.  Only one invisible shirt made an appearance today – the humidity must have been down.   On to the workout …
the Thang
Warm-up – 2 laps with butt-kickers, high knees, karoake (both sides) and one stride acceleration.
COP – Imperial Walkers x 14, Windmills x 15, Frankensteins x 10.
Track Repeats – jog the same distance as a group to recover after each run
  • 2x200m, 2x400m, 1x800m, 2x400m, 2x200m
  • Each set is at R pace – see http://www.runbayou.com/jackd.htm – based upon your latest our recent best race performance.
  • The goal for Repeat-training (R) is to improve running efficiency and test the anaerobic system at “faster than race pace”.  The early sets might feel easier, but you want to be able to finish the last set at the target pace with strong form. 
Circle up for stretches – quads, hamstrings, calves.
Naked Moleskin
  • Welcome to our first FNG at Hi-Fidelity.  Beavis is an ultra-marathoner out of Mt Pleasant, SC that put up with me at GT “back in the day.”  In RDU for work, he enjoyed his first F3 workout.
  • T-Claps to Yo-Yo for keeping the pace quick at the front of the pack. A lot of effort throughout the Pax to put in a good workout today.
  • Prayers lifted for Cotton and his wife’s family for all the loss they have endured in the past few weeks / months.  Prayers also for MoneyHose and his family.
  • Celebration for Big Sproles 2.2 arrival last night.  Looking forward to hearing the stories of speeding through red-lights and makeshift delivery rooms…
  • Many new workouts beginning in August – Catalyst, Urban Jungle, Zero Hour.  See the details on the web-site
  • Next week, Yo-Yo has the Q as we head back off campus.  I am looking forward to what adventure he has in store for us.