Seventeen PAX celebrated the return of warmer weather with a splendid, old-school beat down at the Vortex. Unfortunately, the PAX self-regulated their discomfort well enough that no one sealed it as an instant classic by spilling the merlot. But many were close. The name “Four Seasons” is pretty lame. Basically, we did four things for four minutes each. Then repeated. That is sort of like seasons, if you count burpees as a weather event.

After the typical warm-up, PAX lined up for suicides punctuated with merkins (half-field, 20 merkins, full-field, 20 merkins, and half-field, 20 merkins). We moved as quickly as possible into four minutes of Vortex pinball, i.e. bear crawls from the 18 to half field and crab walks back. It took aching PAX a few seconds to circle up, so we only had three and a half minutes for OYO burpees. The two winners (most burpees, excepting YHC, who had a date with the next station) got to run a half mile instead of going to the “gulag” for four minutes. Kudos to Walt and Boucher! Groups of three rotated in and out of wheelbarrow races and cinderblock lifts.

Rinse and repeat. Walt and Sweater Vest (right?) took the burpee crown second time through.

We finished strong with a long sprint and back—then Freddie Mercuries and Cadre Phil Flutter Kicks.

The write-up above is awfully lean, but it didn’t feel like we got short-changed this morning. Indeed, it was another terrific outing in the gloom with an incredible group of guys. A few nuts even did the 5:00 EC, which is becoming normal at the Vortex. Keep bringing the inspiration.