It was a balmy 50 degrees this AM when YHC pulled into Action Park still trying to figure out what kind of beat down to deliver.  YHC’s lights drifted towards the rocks and it was on from there.  Joined by 5 other Pax we said our GMs and we were off.

Warm Up- Lap around the park- M-Run- Karaoke, Shuffles, high knees, butt kickers, sprints, bunny hops and broad jumps, strong pace for lap 2.

Rocks- Head over to the rock pile, pick your rock and we jogged with the rock down to the bottom fields, along the way we held the rock over head and then back up to the middle fields to the small hill.

Run with the Rock over head up the hill then back down X7

Jack Webs with the Rock

Run with your Rock down to the bottom field again then back up to the top field

Curls X 25 and Tricep Extensions X 25

Lap around the park without the rock

Curls X 30 and Tricep Extensions X 30

Mary- RLBCs X50, Protractor- 2 mins- RLBCs X50

COT- Name’O’Rama and quick chat about Mud Run.  YHC was encouraging the Pax to check it out. Prayer and we were out of there.  Imp said we should call this one Stone Henge.  Always a pleasure to lead you Men.