17 brave PAX took on cinderblocks, dumbbells, kettlebells, twiggy and Tar Heel Warrior Mountain!

This is how the PAIN went down:

Light warm-up: SSH – 20x, Arm Circles – 10x, Chinooks – 10x, Merkins – Cadence 10x

The Thang:

Building Pyramids starting at 10 counting up to 25 reps to blast the shoulders, chest and arms.

Shoulder press : 10 to  25 = 310 reps

Merkins:              10 to 25 = 310 reps

Pax moans as next exercise is called

Arm curls:            10 to 25 = 310 reps

Total rep count = 930

Can’t skip legs so down to the bottom of Tarheel Warrior Mountain

Sprint all the way up to the bottom of the parking lot with legs burning to the top.


DA Bull is on for Saturday

UNC baseball game Saturday

Marta’s maiden Q at OCL on 3/10