The virtual flag was planted for 14 PAX members embarking on a Pullen Park work-out. Let’s go to the tape:

-SSH, Merkins, Good mornings

-Partner up – Catch me if you can around the lake. Run to the four stations likeaso – Partner A runs to the first station while Partner B does 15 exercises and then runs to Partner A’s station to relieve them. Four exercises were merkins, squats, LBCs, and jumping lunges.

-Run to the bottom of entrance to Pullen Park Aquatic Center. Split into two teams. We have a race on our hands. Teams break into two man teams doing 20 derkins/20 LBCs each and then run to the top of the street. Do exercises there and then run back to the bottom. Do the exercises and run four times.

-Run to the pavilion – Step-ups, Jump-ups, Dips, Incline Merkins x2 sets.

– All you got to the stone circle for some mary – Do burpees while we wait for our PAX members.

– Heels to Heaven, Boat/Canoe, and Bicycle

– 10 burpees


Naked Moleskin:

– The Ruck Tards were up at Carroll Middle School so they were missed. Regardless, I’m not sure White Shoe had the correct pants for this work-out. He should go with the high socks when I lead. #chafing

– Au Pair scheduled a last minute “beach” trip for this weekend. We need to see pictures my friend. Likely story.

– Banjo informs me that he had a bit of an accident on the third leg of the Aquatic Center run. I’m told that the sweetness of the banana paires well with the acidity of the stomach acid. #strongpush

– Particle sweet talked a nice young lady into tying the knot with him. #rufilin Just kidding brother! Great news!

– Come out to the welcome party this Saturday to make fun of Chong Li. #pandaboy

Thanks for opportunity to lead the boys of F3!