The morning started off all wrong when I pulled in the parking lot for Mutiny and there was no Prius Station Wagon there to greet me.  With Howard on a mission to help a Church Minister transition out in Colorado 4 Pax led by Bret Michaels grinded through a workout and tried to drown out New Mexico’s whining.

The Workout

Warm Up- Run, Swinging Leg Kick,  Squats, Fazio Arm Circles Imperial Walkers

150- Burpees, Spiderman pushups, LBCs, lunges, squats, dive bomber push ups, side straddle hops, bear crawls, can’t remember the other 8…

Track Intervals- Sprint 1/3 jog 2/3, Sprint 2/3 jog 1/3

Ladder Mary- Sprint, Freddie Mercuries, Sprint, WWII Sit Ups, Sprint, Hello Dollies, Sprint, Russian Hammers, Sprint, Bicycle

Indian Run


Prayer- Prayed for Howard’s safe return