SSH x30
Imperial Walker x30
Good Morning x10

The thang

Mosey to brick-and-concrete traffic dividers
Sets of 7’s, crossing over divider between and running up one stairwell and down another, back to dividers:
Hand-release Merkins

Mosey to halfway up ramp
Deep-stretch lunge walk the rest of the way up the ramp

Mosey to Belk wall
BTW x20

Mosey to J Alexander parking lot
Paint lines
Quick feet
Backward run/return x2

Down stairs to Crabtree Blvd
Mosey down greenway
pause for some Duff-special one-legged squats

Mosey further down greenway
Dips x30

Back to start with chaotic sprint-jog sequence

LBC x20
Low, slow flutter x20
Man Ram (outgoing site Q) called American Hammers
Rockport (incoming site Q 1 of 2) called Dying Cockroach
Keillor (incoming site Q 2 of 2) called Freddie Mercurys
Have a Nice Day!

Thanks to all in F3 for your continued camaraderie. I’ve leaned on several of you as sounding boards in the past.
No matter what life stage you find yourself in, you can find someone else who has been there. Share your experience, take advantage of others’ experience, it’s good for both of you!

Man Ram formally handed off site Q duties to Keillor and Rockport. Thank you so much, Man Ram, for your years of leadership, not only at this site but across the region.