Announcing this year’s 9/11 Stair Climb, hosted by Event Q Baby Farley and Tower Qs No Sugar, Battery, Task List, Cotton, and Box Jump! This year’s event will take place at the North Hills Shopping Center, in midtown Raleigh.

At 0515, our Tower Qs wiill place posters in each stairwell to clearly identify them; drop off firehoses (coupons) at each stairwell; and shall be responsible for simply marking off a number after each trip to let the PAX know how many times they have gone up and down, and how many are left. All PAX will convene at 0530 at Church of the Apostles, 333 Church at North Hills Street, Raleigh North Carolina, 27609.

Tower Qs

  • Parking Lot 1, Tower 1:  No Sugar
  • Parking Lot 1, Tower 2:  Battery
  • Parking Lot 2, Tower 3:  Task List
  • Parking Lot 2, Tower 4:  Cotton 
  • Parking Lot 3, Tower 5:  Box Jump


  • 0515 – Tower Qs gather to prepare the site
  • 0530 – Gather all PAX in upper parking lot at Church of the Apostles. Spit Valve will play the National Anthem. Each Tower Q will lead warmup exercises (10 reps in cadence).
  • 0540 – Climb stairs! Please encourage all PAX to share the coupons, support those bringing up the rear, and remember that we are doing this to honor the fallen!
  • 0620 – All PAX report to the top of parking lot 1 for Mary until all are completed. Baby Farley will introduce this year’s guest speaker. Spit Valve to play Taps.
  • 0630 – Closing Prayer and departure