YHC was excited to celebrate my 42.5 year birthday with the pax at DETENTION.  Hadn’t really celebrated half birthdays in the past, but it was a fun idea, so I went with it.  After the pax returned my stolen cones, there was a disclaimer and we were off.


SSH x 5

IW x 9

Merkins x 75


Moseyed over to the track where we found some large tires.  Partner up and one flips the tire while the other jogs a lap.  We flipped the tires around the track for a whole lap!  Quite difficult and the back is feeling it still.

On to the field for a partial Michigan.  (but we did do some good morning beforehand just for fun).  10 x 100 yard sprints, lung walk to mid-field and do 42.5 monkey humpers.  Then 5 x 50 yard sprints.

Mosey back to the parking lot for some Thunder Merkins.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: ManCamp 8:30 this Saturday, BRR Team (to be assembled) members needed.

YHC shared about the life of Jacob and the reminder that God is with us throughout life, despite our own sinful behavior and selfish attitudes.  He encourages us not to be afraid…He’s right here with us.