After EC, YHC was pretty tired.  Just woke up a little out of it, so what’s better to do that just bust it out hard for the pax to help wake up?!  YHC did my best to show up today for them and it went pretty well I think.


SSH x 20

IW x 20

GM x 10


The cones were lined up, and some of the pax knew what that meant – 300 merkins and 300 LBC’s.  We started at 50 merkins, then 50 LBC’s then on down by 10 to 10, and then back up 15, 25, 35, 45.  Then 30 more to equal 300.  Great stuff.

Next we headed to the baseball field for a wicked version of Bad News Bears.  Bear crawl to first, run to outfield fence and back then 5 burpees, monkey humpers, and WW2.  Then bear crawl to 2nd, 3rd and home repeating this, but bumping up to 10, 15, and 20.  VHS cheated (now we know how he was so far ahead!).

Balls to the wall – 5 count began by Beaver (even though I didn’t call that).

Next we partnered up for a catch me if you can Carterico-style.  Run backward as partner does 10 monkey humpers.  Partner chases (forward), tags and you runs backward as partner does monkey humpers.  Did this to the entrance and then an indian run back.

Turn Down for What and Brass Monkey Humpers concluded our workout (almost).  10 more burpees for good measure.

ANNOUNCEMENTS  – ManCamp workday tomorrow at 8:30.  Need BRR team members.

PRAYERS – Praise that Tinkertoy’s Gout didn’t keep him from working at the ManCamp.  For the family of John Dempster (death) – wife and two kids.

YHC shared that we are encouraged in Scripture to submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.  We do this well at F3, caring and encouraging one another along…we need to take this into the world to think of others ahead of ourselves (which is not always easy).