PAX of 11 closed out DP’s 2016 in strong fashion.  Welcome High Heels (RESPECT) from Knoxville and FNG Coal Ash from just down the road, EHed by Chanticleer.  YHC was a couple minutes late getting to the EC start chez Hotspot, so we rolled into the DP parking lot with about a minute to spare, but we were off on time nonetheless.


  • Short jog to middle of soccer field (darker than YHC was hoping for)
  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Wide-grip Merkins (based on guidance from CARPEx Nantan)
  • 15 Diamond Merkins (while we’re in position, why not?)
  • 20 Hillbillies
  • 15 GMs

The Thang

  • Parking lot suicide sprint
    • Run to first light pole, 3 Merkins, return
    • Run to second light pole, 6 Merkins, return
    • Run to third light pole, 9 merkins, return
    • Run to second light pole, 12 Merkins, return
    • Run to first light pole, 15 Merkins return
  • Repeato, with sumo squat jumps instead of Merkins
  • Do some plank-o-rama in between
  • 2-line Indian Run to greenway bridge
  • Bear crawl across bridge (of course)
  • Fellowship jog to pond
  • Partner up for modified partner chase
    • Partner 1 – start bear crawling around the pond
    • Partner 2 – run around pond until you lap partner 1
    • Flapjack and continue until bear crawl completes the loop
    • Some more planks
    • Repeato with lung walks instead of bear crawl
  • Fellowship jog back to bridge
  • Bear crawl across bridge (of course)
  • Fellowship jog back to shelter
    • Partner 1 – AMRAP table top Irkins
    • Partner 2  – Backward run to bleachers, 20 squats, run back to shelter
    • Flapjack
    • Repeato, this time with AMRAP Dirkins and tuck jumps


  • 25 Freddy Mercs
  • 6-inch leg hold with 5-count around the circle


  • CARPEx/Churham convergence tomorrow (12/31) – 0700 at the location of TBL
    • CARPEx Stank Tank leaves Sheetz on Hwy 55 at 0630
    • No Phoenix workout
  • Need Qs at various CARPEx workouts


  • Ma Bell’s neighbor Lisa

YHC took us out.  An honor to lead the men of CARPEx.  Looking forward to a strong 2017.


  • This new DP AO is only a few months old but going strong. Great to have another Apex location
  • My first Q with no burpees… I knew I felt incomplete after the workout.  Will have to make up for that next time
  • Great to have High Heels from Knoxville join us today… not sure if that is his original F3 name or he forgot it
  • Welcome FNG Coal Ash from “a few miles down the road” – hope you can fit more workouts into your schedule