9 strong at The Falcon this morning as we gear up for the New Year. Today was 250 for My Little Pony. He was going to hit that number today despite an early wake up call from his youngest. Numbers have slowed this week in anticipation of a strong start to the New Year. It went like this:

run to the track for a lap and warm up of:

merkins x 20
WMH x 10
SSH x 25
squats x 20
monkey humpers x 10
merkins x 20

Mosey to the road. Sprint to circle, 10 merkins, sprint to speed bump, bear crawl to the top, 10 merkins. Run to the tennis courts for suicides. Run to the first court, 5 merkins and back. Run to first, 5 merkins and back, run to second for 5 dry docks and back. You get the drift as we finished the six courts with mountain climbers, jump lunges, tuck jumps, and finally 10 burpees. The group needed a change so we finished with dips, urkins, dips, and durkins. Mary was boxcutters, Russian hammers and LBCs. Pedialyte took us out in prayer.

Great morning to be out. Congrats to My Little Pony for 250 and welcome to scratch off. It was great to see Slow Pitch back out as well as he gets back into the fold for the New Year. Be safe this weekend.