With the VSF planted, the grass unmowed, disclaimer and instructions given, and a cool crisp August morning underway, 8 (later would become 9) of F3 Raleigh’s finest pax set off for another edition of F3 Raleigh’s classic Thursday workout.



Jog to the basketball court for SSH x 25, Good Mornings x 10, Mericans x 15

WIB Meets Heavy Metal?

No, it wasn’t the Roanoke Rick, but we can’t let the boys over at The Judge have all the fun. Here we go:

Pax partner up and mosey over to the corner of Cherokee / Bickett / Fairview. Partner 1 runs up Fairview to the the corner of Fairview & Aycock for 10 Burpee Star Jumps, then back down to the starting point to relieve Partner 2, who has been doing flutter kicks continuously. Flapjack. Then repeato.

After both partners have completed two trips each up the hill for the Burpee Star Jumps, teams run back to the park with four stations set up at the base of the hill:

  • Heavy Pipe Zercher Squats x 10
  • Curls x 20 (pick your poison)
  • Cinder Block Sumo Walk Shuffles x 10 yds down and back #crowdpleaser
  • Triceps x 20 (pick your poison)

Partner 1 takes off on the run to complete pull-ups x 5, then continues on to the basketball court for a repeating loop of Box Jumps x 10, Derkins x 20, bear crawl length of basketball court, crabwalk back, repeating until relieved by Partner 2. Meanwhile, Partner 2 completes the four stations above and sprints to the basketball court to relieve Partner 1. Both partners run back to starting point at base of the hill and flapjack. Repeato for as many rounds as possible.


  • Upon returning to the park after the Burpee Star Jumps set up Fairview, the Pax found one Nemo lurking in the morning gloom of Roanoke Park. Nemo arrived a couple of minutes late, and waited thinking the Pax were on the normal warm-up lap. When the Pax did not return in a timely manner, Nemo went so far as to check his phone to make sure it was in fact; (a) Thursday, (b) 0600, and (c) Heavy Metal was still on. Glad you made it brother.
  • Strong work this morning men. It was a change of pace, and great job pushing yourselves. A lot of steam rising off the Pax in COT, and outside of closing us out, all Orwell could muster was, “That was hard.”
  • Sign-ups for The Mule are in progress – there is no charge for the event, but please sign-up so there can be a solid estimate for numbers
  • Still room to sign-up for the Oct. 4 mud run – and we need Pax to sign-up for riding the bus
  • Orwell closed us out