The virtual shovel flag jumped right out of the car and starting running with this mornings 14 PAX members. Days of old included only 9 track stars but we’ve moved on to bigger numbers at THE JUDGE.

Let’s see what we did:

– Ran +/- 3.5 miles;
– 40 burpees;
– 40 star jumps;
– 60 derkins;
– 60 LBCs;
– 60 Handshakers.

(Yo-Yo/King David/Villa/M Hose) did more because they are strong like that.

Mary – Heals to Heaven, Boat/Canoe, and LBCs.


Naked Moleskin:

– Lots of pre-chatter for the arrival of Wendell Gee and Honey Dew. Glad to have you both at The Judge. We’re here every week. Bring the band next time (or the groupies)!
– Burt and Fazio raided the Rowdy Gentleman website last night and rocked team tanks this morning. Cool factor, high. Functionality, low. #cotton #sweatingmachines #humanweighvest
– Sunshine took to peddle power this AM and biked to the work-out. Being Sunshine #ironic, his time management skills are poor. Set the clock five minutes early bro.
– Villa and New Mexico traded beards last week. Ask them about it. #faceoff
– The PAX doesn’t like Boat/Canoe. I’m doing that every time I lead now that I know that. #richard

– 9/11 stair climb – Wear black, tell no one where you are going, stay off the Twitter box, and keep your head down. Crabtree Mall. 5:30. This announcement will self-destruct in five seconds. Aye.
– Labor Day work-out – Limited schedule. Check the website or spend time with your family. #yourchoice

– Hushpuppy and Seaon’s Salts family.

The Judge is like an all you can eat buffet. Take as much or as little as you want. Aye.

Great working out with everyone this morning. See you next week. Word has it that T&G will be your Q. #cositeQ #beast