Bear_Gone Fishin

Bear Gone Fishin’

Tomorrow, we welcome our most musically inclined PAX member to the friendly confines of The Judge. In his honor your honor, we’ll name this work after a rock song. Balsa Glidders will perform after the work-out. #notlikely

Partner up

The Thang:

Run the greenway/take a right on the Blue Loop around to the split behind the Dojo (path goes up to the amphitheater (where else would a rockstar go)) run to the stairs closest to the NCMA and bear crawl down the stairs/up the next set of stairs/and down the third set of stairs (working away from the NCMA). In the mosh pit, do 10 burpees and 10 star jumps.

Upon completion, run up the last stair set farthest from the NCMA and run down the path toward the pond. On the dock about a quarter of a mile down the hill, do 20 derkins/20 LBCs/20 handshakers with your partner.

Run back up to the amphitheater and do the bear crawls again.

Get in five sets. Six if you’re Wendell Gee. #wheels

At 6:05, stop running the loop and run the blue loop back the way we came to the beginning.

Constant movement. No 10 counts. No arm circles. No stretching. #iceupson

5:30. North Carolina Museum of Art. Front Parking Lot.

Do it, do it.