What F3 workout can you finish and not be filthy.  At the Danger Zone today, 5 of Cary’s finest showed up at North Cary Park to witness F3 Raleigh’s first Filthy Fifty.

lap around the parking lot
ssh x20
imperial walkers x20
good mornings x20
fazio arm circles x20

the thang:
lunges x50
pullups x50
merkins x50
push press x50 (25# weight)
WWII situps x50
knees 2 elbows x50 (k2e)
lbc x50
squats x50
burpees x50
box jumps x50

russian hammers x40


tclaps to all pax for pushing through this, the F50 was finished in 32:30
next week is Rip Tide’s virgin Q- this should be awesome