Editor’s note: NoCo posted their BB here. Area 51, here. Swamp Rabbit, here.

The Thang:

208 mile relay run from Grayson Highlands State Park, Virginia to Asheville, NC over 25-30 hours.  Each team has 6-12 pax and 1-2 support vans.

F3’s participation in the 2013 Blue Ridge Relay was a tremendous success!  In 2012, F3 posted 5 teams to BRR.  In 2013, F3 posted 16 teams PLUS at least 5-6 other pax on their own teams.  There are only 150 teams in the entire BRR field, so F3 represented over 10 percent of the entire field!

I know I am not alone when I describe the BRR as the best endurance event that F3 does all year.  All the special events have their qualities, but BRR provides a true physical test with tremendous 2nd F in a beautiful setting.

Please view this PDF file for a team-by-team profile with moleskin.

Race results are posted here.  All the F3 teams did a fantastic job!  For the 2nd year in a row, F3 GONADS NINE finished as the fastest F3 team, still several hours behind the real runners. Is there a #BustedToe trophy?

Chico put together the attached write up, which I think captures the essence of BRR very well.

And Gator put together a fantastic video, which can be viewed above.

20+ teams for next year?