7 PAX set out into the gloom at Wolf Run, 1 picked the wrong direction after arriving 2 minutes late, but somehow managed to do his own workout and avoid an unseemly Friday the 13th fate.  A few expected attendees may have suffered such a fate, as they were noticeably absent.

QIC was still feeling the effects of the stair climb, and decided to return to basics for his first official F3 Q.  This is supposed to be a running workout, correct?

The Thang

Run along Centennial to Sproles Field and circle up

SSH x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, Mericans x 20, Windmill x 20, Mountain Climber x 20

Half Field Defensive Slide, Half Field (including CFL End Zone) Sprint, Return by same method, Half Field Karaoke, Half Field Sprint, return by same method, Full Field Sprint, Full Field Sprint Return.

Run to the hill by the lake

T-Square led Jacob’s Ladder w/ Burpees x4

Run to the Courtyard for Mary

LBCs x 20, Russian Hammers x 20, Six inch leg hold for 7 count, Freddy (I know, wrong horror flick, but there were no Jason exercises) Mercury x 10

Run back to parking area for COT


Tony Robbins and others have been working with F3 Dufresne by attending Tuesday and Thursday afternoon rehab sessions with him during his recovery from Lyme Disease.  Backblasts are up from previous sessions and the ask is that we join in to help a brother in his recovery.  Details in this google doc.  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqbzvpVhJYU-dGM3ODRQeDFEekZ3TXA1RVFTNTRMNHc&usp=sharing

Tarp announced that Pei Wei’s wife had a child. Much like when we hear similar news and our wives ask questions, Tarp had no details regarding said child.

TR led us out in prayer.

Seasoned Salt came running up after COT from his impromptu step out into the gloom in the wrong direction, prompting the idea that the Q at our most confusing workout post a map of the planned route of the workout on a piece of paper on one of the cars for those that arrive late. Decent idea, since it’s not getting any lighter anytime soon…

The video is what I am planning to do tonight instead of attending the Taylor Swift concert with my wife and daughters…or what Seasoned Salt was “really” doing while we were running.

Great finish to a great week of F3!  See you at Catalyst…after I finish with my chain saw.