7 Pax arrived for their weekly downPAINment only to find a rent-a-cop there to regulate on the Pax parking at Whole Foods. ¬†After politely (except for Floyd, who threatened to pee on the floor) moving our cars, the pain began…

Warm up:
SSH x 20
IW x 20

And then, the Vern…

3/4 mile run to the PAINground
10 pullups, 200 yard sprint
20 dips, 200 yard sprint
25 merkins, 200 yard sprint
30 LBCs, 200 yard sprint
Rinse and repeat x 4
3/4 mile run back home


– OHHHH, that’s a deep Vern…I don’t know if you heard me counting, but we did over a 1000 yards of sprints.
– Kotters to Schwinn, back from a month in Prague…must be rough
– Tclaps to Franz, who nearly spilled the Franz – I mean, merlot – but pushed through with some help from Floyd
– Kotters to McSmokey…one of my favorite names incidentally
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– Know whadda mean, Vern?

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  • Hardest workout yet? Damn… sucks I missed it… anyone want to do it with me for make-up assignment?

  • Yeah, I forgot to add that a little negotiation with the store manager and we were back in business. Which was good, because Floyd’s nuclear option was to urinate on my Whole Foods gift card in front of everyone.

    Also forgot to credit Big Mean for telling me about the Vern.

  • My hearing sucks. I thought you said it was THE BURN … which was most apt … hardest session yet, great work Riggs.

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