The shovel flag was planted — and while our friends over at Pullen spent the morning riding the carousel, 23 faithful PAX showed up at the 2nd installment of Catalyst for a proper Midtowne Beatdown.


Run to grassy area behind First Citizens.  Find partner on way and circle up for:

SSH X 25

Mountain Climbers X 20

Imperial Walkers X 20

Windmill X 20

Fazio Arm Circles X 10, Reverse X 10

Count off into 2 groups (even/odd).

Move to cones in grassy area for Field Day, a modified 50-yard dash of sorts.

Bear crawl down, scorpion back (always unpopular, thanks Flatline).  Plank.  Partner wheelbarrow down, flapjack back.  Plank.  Partner carry down, flapjack back.  Plank.  Crab walk down.  Plank.

Run to CapTrust building — no wait at Cowfish at this hour — enter parking garage tunnel, people’s chair hold til all PAX arrive.  Run up parking garage stairwell to top level for “death by merkin”:

Standard Merkin X 20, Stagger Right Merkin X 20, Spider Man Merkin X 20, Stagger Left Merkin X 20, CDD X 20, Bomber X 20

Run back down stairs, circle up outside World of Beer.  No time for a pint, unfortunately:

Incline merkin X 20, decline merkin X 25.

Run to to First Citizens wall.  People’s chair hold and then one minute balls to wall w/ optional push up X 5, Stomp X 15.  Cinderella counts cadence.

Time to head to Cougar Country.  Plebe, I don’t mean Vivace.  Line up along benches on field for dips X 25.

Evens and odds line up for 3 sets of alternating down and back group sprints and bench exercises.

Evens do burpees while odds sprint to other side of field, 5 jump ups on opposing bench, sprint back.  Flapjack.  Evens then do prisoner squats while odds sprint, dips X 5 on bench, sprint back.  Flapjack.  Evens do dips while odds sprint, decline merkins X 5 on bench, sprint back.  Flapjack.  All PAX sprint down, 5 more dips on opposing bench/bleachers.

Run to grassy area at Carroll for 6.5 minutes of Mary:

Dolly X 20, LBC X 25, Reverse LBC X 25, 30 seconds of Pillow Talk (side chilcutt w/ right leg quad stretch), 30 more seconds of Pillow Talk other leg, standard merkin X 26.


Continued prayers for Cotton, M Cotton and family (Matt and Laura Kirby).

Lots of new workouts, lots of choices.  See schedule.

See you Monday AM at North Hills — last Monday with only one option as Zero Hour at Jaycee Park starts on the 19th.

Well done today, men; have a great weekend.