Great work by four PAX on a challenging Wolf Run. We ran four miles at a fast clip with some tough exercises along the way.

The Thang:

Run down to corner of Centennial and Lake Wheeler — 10 Burpees OYO.

Run through the Farmers Market (a Wolf Run first?), back up Centennial, down Achievement Dr., and loop around to the side of the lake with the steep hill — 5 Dieter Charges up the hill. This seems easy on paper; it wasn’t.

Run back towards home base up the hill and stop at the rail — Australian Pullups (“APs”) (12x), Dips (12x), APs (10x), Dips (10x), APs (8x), Dips (8x).

Run back to home base for Mary — LBCs (20x), WWII Situps (20x), LBCs (20x), Freddie Mercuries (20x), LBCs (20x).

Gatorade COT/Announcements/Prayer:

Susan Komen 5k is June 14.

Exceptionally strong work today by TARP and Myrtle who did the first ever Wolf Run double down (pre-Wolf Run ruck training). Well done, guys.

Lamp took us out in prayer.