Good Friday began in the small hours. Pain and suffering lay ahead. And this is how it went down.


0515 Extra Credit:

Run up stairs to top deck / Mericans x15 / run down stairs

Run to low-ish walls

Wall work: Jump ups x20 oyo / Mericans x15 / Alt Step ups x20 / Diamond Irkins x15 / Jump ups x15 oyo / The Dip x20 / Alt Step ups x15 / Dericans x15

Run back to pick up the PAX


Warmup – Imp Walkers x25 / Windmills x20 / Goodmornings x20

Ascend stairs to top deck

3-Station Circuit:

  • Curbside Mini-step-up side runs / Speedy Plank Walks / Curbside SpeedSkaters / Plank

     Repeato x4

Parking Island Pain Stations – 35-yard intervals

  • Round 1: Bear Crawl / LinePainters w/ Burpees (at the PAX request) / Gorilla Crawl / SpeedSkaters
  • Round 2: Bear Crawl / LinePainters (no Burpees) / Speed Skaters / Broad Jumps
  • Round 3: Single-Leg Hops / Bear Crawls / Single-Leg Hops / Sprint

Prisoner Squats x20

Run to the bottom of stairs

Staircase Suicides – Mericans with each ascent, counting 10-5/10, finish at the bottom / Plank

MARY – Low slow flutters x40 (Qdrenaline) / Shoulder taps x25



May 31st F3 Dads & Kids workout – It’s a beatdown for the kids. Which sounds bad, but it’ll be really good.

Prayers for – Dufresne, Orwell’s Dad who is ready to be with the Lord, Cornholio’s new baby girl, Denali’s M about to deliver, and all of us men who do indeed need prayer!

It’s Good Friday. Today we remember that Jesus hung on a tree. It sounds like an oxymoron to call this day Good Friday when it is the day he hung on the tree. But it is a very good thing.

In the Jewish law, it says, “Cursed is anyone who hangs on a tree.” Deuteronomy 21:23 / Galatians 3:13 Jesus hung on the tree to be cursed for us, so that we wouldn’t have to pay the penalty for  the wrong we have done in thought, word or deed. He was hung on the tree at about noon, and he expired around 3pm. His life for ours.

Remember this today, brothers. In it, we see the profound extent of God’s love for every one of us. It is indeed Good Friday.

Ball of Man, prayer and we were out.