It was a cold late April morning in the Capital City and eight brethren joined the gloom – sad day for the rest of you fartsacking fools…. (i.e. chung sway, corn maize hollio (2 for 1 on that one), aw pur, zima is a girls drink, my yo-yo has a busted string, cinderella’s are for Disney, etc)…probably scared when you saw the Q for today.

The trees were full of life – MacGruber and Utah are pretty certian that they heard Denali commit to joining GO RUCK for May…..see you Saturday morning.

That Thang:

Two laps around parking lot

Bear crawl from top of parking lot to bottom

SSH X 25; Good Morning X 15; Imperial Walker X 15

To the rock pile…grab a friend from the pile and keep him close 🙂 …

Rock curl X 40; Shoulder Press X 30; Squat X 30; Tricep Extension X 30

To the picnic tables – alternating step up with your rock X 20; Dips X 40

Over to the soccer field – Usain Bolt – with your rock – prison cell merkin burpees; rock squats; russian hammer with your rock; Orwell “damn-it” rock lifts; flutter kick with rock above head; v-ups with your rock; burpees; diamond merkins

Over to the baseball field – drop your rock – partner carry to center field fence; flapjack back to home plate – repeato

Back to the rock pile – LBC’s with rock over head; partner standing on feet with their rock overhead – flapjack

COT – several prayer requests were mentioned – Orwell’s dad; ManRam’s friend that had surgery; MacGruber grandfather; and Utah’s client. PR’s on 4/24 for 2nd F and GO RUCK packing. TClaps to “The Grid” on completing his first workout – please come back.