The warmer temperatures brought 27 pax out to test Flood Zone this am. With 4 FNG’s in tow and many running off a few hours of sleep after a late night watching what must have been a riveting BYU vs Gonzaga grudge match, we set off to conquer the concrete colossus.

The Thang…

Early 15
40 seconds AMRAP, 20 seconds rest
Merkins/ Jump Squats/ Burpees/ Alternating chillcut-regular plank

3x through

Regular 45

Backwards Run to top of deck
SSH x 20
Standard Merkin 10 count
One Leg Merkin 5 count each leg

Mosey to the bottom Floor
1st Parking Deck Climb
Sprint the Ramps, Bearcrawl the Flats, 10 Burpees before each ramp

Mosey to the bottom
2nd Parking Deck Climb
Backwards run the Ramps, Sprint the Flats, 10 Jumpsquats before each Ramp

Mosey to the Bottom
3rd Parking Deck Climb
4 Burpee Chase up the deck

On the top level

Modified Beast
3 Parking Blocks 50 yds apart
6 reps of each exercise at each block then run to the next, turn around at the last block and return to the starting point, 30 reps in total of each exercise
3x doing Merkins/Burpees/Jumpsquats

Mosey to 3rd Level
Burpee Ladder Down from 10
10x, 9x, 8x, 7x, 6x, 5x, 10x


Low Slow Flutter x 20
6 in leg hold x 20
LBC x 20
Freddy Mercury x 20
Merican Hammer x 20



-Strong Work by all. Welcome FNG’s Gravedigger, Scoop, TPS Report, and Zamir(Somebody may have to help me on the spelling of that)
-T claps to orwell and Life Alert who came out of the gate strong on the deck climbs.

-Convergence March 1st at Pullen Park, No Catalyst
-Dufresne workouts are up and running again, Sign up through the Google Spreadseet

-Sign up for The Arena #ironsharpensiron
– GoRuck Challenge is May 3rd… The GoRuck can’t be won, only completed by your team. Sign Up and be part of our team.

Prayer Courtesy of Higgins