A balmy 43 degree morning embraced the men of F3 Chapel Hill and Durham and they took advantage of the break in the never-ending winter of 2014 for a tour of the athletic complex on the Chapel Hill campus.

From the Eddie Smith Fieldhouse at the east end of Fetzer Field, they jogged to the west end for warmups:

* SSH, Imperial Walkers, Good Mornings, Windmills, Arm Circles, Mountain Climbers.

From there they ran past Navy Pool and to the Sports Medicine Center, where they paused on the stairs and landings for three sets of 12 Erkins (incline Merkins) and 12 Derkins (decline Merkins).

The tour continued across Stadium Drive and into Kenan Stadium, where the Pax descended to field level and began running the stadium steps and knocking out five burpees in the portals at the stop of each aisle. After five repetitions, they found Carolina Blue painted iron railings for three sets of 12 inverted rows and then brick walls for three sets of dips (12, 15, 20).

Next up was a run to the west concourse, where a Plank-o-rama included bows-and-toes holds for 60 seconds, 10 plank jacks and 10 Makhtar N’Diayes. On the south side concourse, the Pax knocked out two dozen Carolina Dry Docks and then ran to the east side, where beneath the towering Blue Zone they did 20 step-ups per leg and a minute of the People’s Chair.

Then it was a run back to the IM Field adjacent to Fetzer Field for Mary– Dealer’s Choice around the circle with Heels to Heavens, Freddie Mercurys, LBC, Low Flutters, Rocky Balboas and Peter Parkers

A good time was had by all, only Doogie is henceforth prohibited from wearing dook paraphernalia on the hallowed grounds.

(posted on behalf of Shooter)