3 unseasonably experienced PAX showed up early on this 60deg Friday. Good thing, 12 FNGs were in tow.  No warm up – why don’t we just get right to it?

Sprint down oval drive, around Avent Ferry, up Gorman, back into Campus to the first parking deck. Left leg hop up the stairs, then down. Again with right leg. JACK WEBBS! Suicides, sprint & backpedal, then lateral, then karaoke. Bear crawl down stairs. Run up, run down, run all around. Deadleg lifts, Freddie Mercury’s, and some other stuff, too tough to mention. (lost 5 FNGs – RIP)

Now King David’s turn on the second parking deck visit of the day. Run up, run down. CANNON BALL! Right leg hop up, left leg hop down; reverse it and again! DIAMOND MERKINS! Merkins, Irkins, Derkins, DIAMOND MERKINS! No 10 count PABs, keep moving! Right/left step ups. Sprint the deck levels. (lost 4.5 FNGs – RIP)

Now TARP for some Mary (more like Marshall). Long, fast flutter. LBCs, LBDs, BDCs, and CBSs. RUSSIAN HAMMERS!!! (I’m sad to report that we have 2.5 FNGs missing. If anyone has information on the disappearance, please contact your local F3 authorities)